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Tips For Taking the LSAT

By July 19, 2021No Comments

Tips For Test Taking:

It’s that time of year: hopeful law school applicants will be sitting down next month to take the all important LSAT.
Below are some tips to prepare you for this important day:

Preparing for any big test like the LSAT is a challenge. There are so many articles out there focusing on specific study tools to help you get from start to finish on your studying path, however here, there will be more mention of how to be prepared outside of simply learning the information to pass the exam. These tips will take you above and beyond in your preparation process.

Pacing yourself in your studies is important when thinking about taking a big test because it will allow you to cover all subjects necessary with enough time for you to absorb it in a way that makes sense to you. Creating a tentative plan to guide your studying can be a good starting point. There may be some subjects you need to spend more time on than others and adjusting your plan accordingly as those reveal themselves will be key. Exploring different studying habits to find what works best for you is another great step. Things to consider specifically include finding the time of day where you feel most alert and ready to focus, reviewing daily, making flashcards, making diagrams, doing a set number of practice questions per week, scheduling practice tests and much more.

Apart from the routine studying process, an article from U.S. News suggests to specifically prepare for the newly adjusted digital format of the exam. This can include reading text on a screen rather than on paper,  practicing typing, and thinking about where you will be taking the exam: preparing that space, and ensuring access to proper internet connection. On test day, it’s helpful to allow yourself some time to get settled in wherever you are taking the exam to gather yourself and relax a bit. You have already put in the time and effort to prepare, now all you have to do is have the confidence in your abilities to complete each question with the skills you have worked so hard to learn and master!

Don’t just practice, analyze. This means taking the time to review all the answers you got wrong. Sharpen your critical thinking skills by taking classes in logic, philosophy or critical writing. And answer everything. There is no penalty for answering incorrectly.

Something else to keep in mind as you are preparing to take the LSAT is to ensure that you have a holistic approach to what needs to be taken care of prior to your exam. Checking in on your mental health, eating enough food, drinking enough water, getting outside and getting enough sleep are all essential in the days leading up to taking your test and will contribute to overall success!

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