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LEAP Receives California Lawyers Foundation Award

By August 25, 2022No Comments


LEAP is honored to receive the first Heather L. Rosing Pathway Partner Award from the California Lawyers Association. The award honors an organization or individual who has promoted the importance of collaboration and partnership to advance the California Lawyers Foundation (CLF) mission of promoting excellence, diversity, and inclusion in the legal profession and fairness in the administration of justice and the rule of law.

About the award decision, the California Lawyers Association said, “We believe in a profession that mirrors our population. We believe in a legal system that provides access to justice for all. Additionally, we believe in a society that understands how equity creates parity in the rule of law and judicial branch. We recognize that LEAP executes these ideals in its work to enhance legal educational opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds and economic challenges.”

LEAP founder Cindy Lopez shared, “LEAP is humbled to receive this inaugural award from the California Lawyers Foundation. CLF has been an integral supporter of our work for the past few years, which has allowed us to serve students in Southern California and expand our work to create a Northern California chapter. We look forward to continuing this important partnership.”

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