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Follow Our Fellows, Season 1, Episode 2

By November 4, 2021No Comments

Nani has started her law school journey at Berkeley Law. For many of our fellows, the beginning of their law school career is an extremely reflective time as most are first generation students. Nani shared some of those moments and reflections with us when sharing her experience to continue our “follow the fellow” series: “My first week of law school was very symbolic for me. Walking into the doors of the law school building were like passing through a threshold into a new world of opportunity. Being the first in my family to graduate from college and pursue law school, the steps into my first class, Torts, were a huge accomplishment for myself and my entire family who helped me get where I am today. Even though my first week is only the beginning of my law school journey, I am proud to celebrate it and appreciate it as the starting line of the next chapter of my life. The week was a great blur of making new friends (especially with people I have every class with!), learning to navigate a new campus and city (a lot more walking than I am use to!), and of course tons of readings and briefing cases (which is much different than what I read in undergrad!).  I am currently applying to a couple Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects, where I’ll get the chance to do pro-bono work and get direct client service experience. Overall, my first week at Berkeley Law was better than I ever imagined. Forever grateful to my family, friends, mentors and LEAP for supporting me and motivating me through this journey. Can’t wait to share more updates!”

Astrid shares: Overall, my first few weeks of law school have been revolutionary, a challenge, but a very welcomed routine, and one that I am looking forward to keeping up for the next three years of my life.”

From the start, Astrid has recognized the necessity for balance in a law students’ schedule. Enthused by the challenge, Astrid shares her thoughts about the beginning of law school: “Law school so far has been an eye-opening experience. Throughout K-12 and even college, there is a certain sense of accountability and follow-up ingrained in the teaching. Law school is a vastly different beast and it truly is a beast. It transfers all responsibility of education to the student. While the professors make themselves readily available and the lectures are very material heavy, the actual learning and absorption of information are very much dependent on self-discipline and review. Time needs to be managed very diligently to make time for both law school and every other thing that is going on in my life. Personally, it has been difficult to adjust but every day is progress.

My study habits changed dramatically and so did my availability and bandwidth for non-law school-related activities. The relationships I have been able to build throughout this process, however, are helpful and a necessity to finish the week with a sliver of sanity and motivation to keep studying even when the weekend is an infinitely tempting chance to ignore the books. Built into the law school experience is setting boundaries both personal and professional. I have started consciously making the necessary time for working out, watching a show, or simply just existing without the requirement of action.

Both Astrid and Nani express enthusiasm and excitement for the rest of their already thriving law student careers. The LEAP community is proud of all of our fellows and look forward to hearing from more featured fellows as “follow the fellow” continues!

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