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Changing the face of the legal profession

We envision a world in which the legal landscape reflects the diversity of our communities.  A more diverse legal community is a more just community.

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2024wed31jul6:00 pmLEAP 2024 Informational Webinar6:00 pm PST


Christian Parham is a member of the second cohort of LEAP, Class of 2021, and will be a 2L at Pepperdine Law School in the fall of 2023.

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What is LEAP?

We provide comprehensive law school admissions assistance through a nine-month fellowship. The LEAP fellowship gives students access and exposure to practicing attorneys, and offers a meticulously designed curriculum to help them become competitive law school applicants, successful law students, and future changemakers.

Why get involved with LEAP?

The legal sector wields power to promote a justice system that works for all citizens, and to lift up those who are living on the margins of society. The profession also supplies positions of leadership and authority, like lawmakers and executives. LEAP builds equity and access by working with students who are underrepresented in the legal field. We help LEAP Fellows to prepare for law school and a successful career as lawyers and change agents in their communities through a transformative nine month fellowship. Be part of the change and join our efforts.

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We look forward to accepting applications for our fifth cohort in September 2023.

Mentors & Volunteers

Mentors and volunteer instructors make LEAP possible by lending their valuable experience and expertise to the program. Read more about how you can get involved as a mentor or volunteer.

Supporters & Allies

Supporters, allies, and connectors are critically important to the success of this work. Learn more about different ways to support LEAP here.

Legal Education Access Pipeline

This work matters.

Pipeline programs play an important role in building equity in our legal system and our society. They make sure that there’s better representation of our communities among lawmakers, among legal professionals, and in positions of leadership. When there’s better representation in the legal profession, marginalized groups also have a better shot at being represented equitably in court or being considered when legislation is drafted. Representation matters.

There is an enormous opportunity to improve representation in the California legal system where LEAP is based. For instance, Latinx attorneys make up only 6% of law professionals while accounting for 35% of the state population.


I am so thankful for LEAP. Going through this application cycle would have been impossible without the help and services that LEAP offers, and I am forever grateful for my two LEAP-provided attorney mentors and my law student mentor for all their help. I am the first in my family to attend law school, and I could not have gotten to this point without the help of LEAP and the support system the program provides.


Making law school a reality was something I didn’t think possible until LEAP. I am forever grateful to my amazing mentors, and the many individuals dedicated to supporting the mission of this program. Without their support and encouragement I would not feel as confident and prepared to begin my legal education at McGeorge!


I am extremely grateful for the many experiences that this program has provided me to this point. I can definitely say that if it weren't for
LEAP, I would not be as confident in my decision to pursue a career in law as I currently am. The many amazing attorneys and law school mentors
involved in LEAP have inspired me and have led me to be so excited to begin my journey in law school.


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Missed opportunities where diversity can grow


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The Difference of LEAP

Providing the tools to reach your dream of becoming an attorney

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LEAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN number is 85-2490247